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New Dragon is widely regarded as South County's best Chinese dining experience. Here are some Yelp reviews New Dragon has received in recent years.

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    Branford, CT

    4.0 star rating
    8/19/20111 Check-in Here

    There has been a Chinese restaurant  at this location for as long as I can remember, and this is the best one in a long time. Definitely worth going to if you are in the mood for Asian cooking...........

  • Review from Holly B.

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    Cumberland, RI

    1.0 star rating

    I used to love this place, I really don't know what went wrong. I had been a couple years since I'd moved so I decided to go to ey' old faithful while I was in town and was sadly disappointed. The food was very bland, not just one plate all four! I don't know if they changed chiefs but I wont be going back.

  • Review from annie h.

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    Peace Dale, RI

    4.0 star rating

    New Dragon Specials, my favorite drinkie-pooh
    lunch or dinner
    very good prices & portions

    I went & dined inside instead of getting take out.  I do love the new look & feel to the place!  All wood walls, new pictures, the bathrooms were redone, it looks GREAT!

    Took the kids out, they love to get "Shirley Temples" and they will split D31.  I usually get Hunan Chicken or the  Chicken & Garlic Sauce.   I am  a fan of sweet duct sauce, so we always need extra of that to go with our Crab Rangoons....

    I go here all the time, best place in town.
    Allie is my favorite waitress here, all the other good ones work at the Hope Valley location now......

  • Review from Amanda M.

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    Tiverton, RI

    5.0 star rating
    3/29/20101 photo1 Check-in Here

    Wow, this is really good Chinese food. I mean really, I'm a sucker for Jackie's Galaxy but if I lived closer to Narragansett I'd be happy ordering from here anytime.

    So the items I ate (aka devoured) included: Lo Mein, Chicken Fingers, Boneless Spareribs, Beef Teriyaki, Crab Rangoons and Hot & Sour soup.

    Not only do I have 0 complaints about any of them, but they were all delicious. And let me add some yummy emphasis to the duck sauce, because it was faaaaaantastic. Dipping those little crabby rangoonies in it was like pure heaven.

    The place isn't anything to look at, but the take-out is just fine. And they give you TONS of food as well. I think we must have gotten 20 crab rangoons. There were leftovers, and if you know crab rangoons, you know there's no such thing as leftovers!

    My only complaint is that my fortune cookie told me I was a bad cook and should order take-out more often. Ha!

  • Review from John D.

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    Long Beach, CA

    4.0 star rating

    We enjoyed the food and the service was good. Atmosphere is clean but nothing much. We would recommend New Dragon, but we also found it a bit amusing.

    Coming from California, we found this even more Americanized than we are used to. We have never before been served Chinese food by someone with round eyes, or who spoke english as a first language. Strangest of all was that a standard place setting includs a knife, and there are no chopsticks to be seen. You need the knife to cut up your food, which would be considered a bit uncivilized back home, as if the food was not completely prepaired.

    We ordered two dishes, which the watress placed one each in front of each of us, rather than placing them in the middle of the table family style, the more traditional approach.

    We had the seafood birdsnest, which is served in a bowl shaped fried noodle. The seafood was well prepaired, tender and moist, while there was really no sauce, which was also a little odd to us. The noodle bowl itself did not seem freshly prepaired. The veggies were very good. We would recommend this dish.

    We also had the sweet and sour chicken, which was more like a crispy pastry with a bit of chicken in it. This tasted very American, but it was also very good. There was a lot of breading, which was tiresome by the time we finished the plate.

    Maybe New Dragon isn't as "authentic" as we are used to, but we were not dissapointed.

  • Review from Mad D.

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    Wakefield, RI

    5.0 star rating

    I've been eating this Chinese food for as long as I can remember.  Living in the Narragansett area for pretty much my entire life New Dragon has been my family's go-to Chinese food place.
    We went to New Dragon tonight and it was the first time I've been in the restaurant after it's renovations.  It's a lot cleaner and brighter looking than the old decor but I kind of like the tacky Chinese food essence the old decor provided.
    My favorite dishes here would have to be the chicken with garlic sauce and the Crispy beef, and I highly recommend both.  I have tried many of the menu items over the years and these are by far the best imo.
    However, everything I've ordered has been delicious.
    We rarely dine-in, we usually get take-out so I can't speak much about the service there, although I've never experienced any problems.  Take-out orders are usually ready 15 minutes later, and if you show up early to pick-up-- there's a bar in the front of the restaurant with a good selection of beers and cocktails where you can wait for your order.

    If you're visiting Narragansett and you're hungry for Chinese food this is your place. You cannot go wrong with New Dragon!

Open 7 Days a Week:
Sunday to Thursday from 11:30am to 9:30pm
Friday to Saturday from 11:30am to 10:30pm

Reservations & Takeout:
(401) 783-1110
(401) 783-1125

New Dragon Inc.
80 Point Judith Road (Rt.108)
Narragansett, RI 02882

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