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Chef Liu opened the doors of New Dragon in the spring of 1993. Before he created his first dish, he vowed to only use the finest ingredients, and prepare each dish with an infusion of passion and creativity. Critics have been raving ever since. Diners agree...New Dragon is Narragansett's best Chinese food.

New Dragon Restaurant & Lounge is committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients. All of our dishes are made from scratch. Our inviting decor and friendly servers create a memorable dining experience. 

Food and Culture

Thousands of years of Chinese culture has taught us that food is an integral part of life. Our appetite for food and its proper preparation and consumption are essential aspects of human existence. In fact, people from all cultures share in this recognition of the vital role food plays in our daily lives. As a consequence, we share varieties of food with each other. The Chinese manner of eating is characterized by a notable flexibility and adaptability. The great variety of Chinese food is determined by the accessibility and and utilization of resources found in nature. Our Chinese food tradition is one with a distinctive assemblage of ingredients prepared and served in accordance with time-honored culinary procedures. Chinese cuisine is concerned, not only with the delicious taste of food but also with the healthful properties of food. For centuries the Chinese have prided themselves on the proper preparation of food and the appropriate table manners in the eating of a great variety of delectable dished. Correct temperature and time preparations play an important part in the cooking of Chinese food; color, flavor, and taste are also strongly emphasized. 

In the New Dragon Restaurant and Lounge, our dedicated and highly experienced chefs apply classic and traditional skills in the preparation of every dish. We ensure the highest quality in our catering to your health needs. So, when you dine with us at New Dragon, you will eat nutritious food beautifully prepared and served in a pleasant atmosphere. You will feel happy and you will see the wonderful difference New Dragon will make in your dining experience.

Owner: Hing Lau on Food Safety
  • When running errands, shop for food last before returning home.
  • Store raw food away from ready-to-eat food and limit the time fresh or perishable foods are out of the refrigerator.
  • Wash hands with soap and hot water before and after handling food.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables in tap water and remove outer layers of leafy vegetables.
  • Wash any utensils or surfaces that touch food in hot water using soap. After cutting raw food, clean knife and cutting board thoroughly before cutting another type of food.
  • Cook food as close to serving time as possible. Return food to the refrigerator if time elapses between preparation and cooking.
  • Use a food thermometer to monitor final internal temperature.
  • Poultry, stuffed meats, pasta: 165°
  • Ground meats and pork: 155°
  • Beef and fish: 145°
  • Cook eggs until yoke and whites are firm and scrambled eggs are dry-145°
  • Keep hot foods warm at 140° or higher
  • Refrigerate leftovers immediately and store them at 40° or below. Eat carry-out food immediately.

We invite you to come and experience a restaurant that is a cut above the rest.

Open 7 Days a Week:
Sunday to Thursday from 11:30am to 9:30pm
Friday to Saturday from 11:30am to 10:30pm

Reservations & Takeout:
(401) 783-1110
(401) 783-1125

New Dragon Inc.
80 Point Judith Road (Rt.108)
Narragansett, RI 02882

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